A bit of history

Louizon is a small family-owned brand founded in 2015 by Yoni and Jessica Seror, brother and sister from a family already rooted in the textile industry. Their aim was to offer a high-quality and timeless women's wardrobe, primarily made from natural materials, at a fair price. The Louizon adventure began, and the brand came to life thanks to orders from multi-brand stores in France and internationally. Two years later, Tamara, a stylist from the Fine Arts, joined them in style and artistic direction. She then contributed her part to the foundation: a decidedly bohemian universe fueled by her endless love for the 60s/70s but also for Art Nouveau graphic design. To design the collections, Tamara draws inspiration from thrifted pieces, travels, various crafts from around the world, but above all, from her passion for music, folk, rock, psychedelic, and indie, which nourishes her every day.

Collections Beyond 'Trends'

Season after season, Louizon offers collections that are both bohemian and urban, wearable from day to night, in the city as well as in the countryside.

We place a genuine emphasis on making our products both comfortable and flattering.

Timeless, our clothes are durable, not confined to a season, and even less to a trend: instead, they reflect a true way of life. Since our beginnings, we've been using a maximum of natural materials and increasingly eco-responsible fabrics. As for our prints, they are all exclusive and created in-house by and for Louizon!

The Louizon Signature

The Long Dress

Undoubtedly, it is the star of our collections. Solid-colored or printed, very loose or more fitted, for daytime or evening wear... The goal is simple: that whoever wears it feels good in it..

Exclusive Prints

Every season, it's the new challenge: creating new prints in-house so that the patterns are uniquely ours! The inspirations are diverse, from thrift shops to museum archives, encompassing art and craftsmanship... This allows us to draw from patterns around the world!

One absolute requirement: for a print to find its place in the collection, it must be approved by Yoni, Jessica, and Tamara, all three of them! Which -truly- is no small feat...

Attention to Detail

It's important for us to produce clothing with impeccable finishes. We place great importance on the 'little things', such as buttons - always carefully chosen, never there by chance - trims, loops, finishes...

When put together, all these details make a difference, and many of you have told us how much you appreciate them.

Exquisitely Crafted Belts

At Louizon, we love a high, well-defined waist. What could be prettier than accentuating it with beautiful lines drawn, emphasized by a golden trim?